Buyer’s Guide: Bed Heating & Cooling Systems

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If you are concerned about the safety of electric bedding, then there are two alternative solutions available.

One system blows warm or cool air under your covers. While a different system utilizes a mattress pad to warm or cool using microtubes of water.

Several models of each type are available, but the most well known are the BedJet, and ChiliPAD, respectively.

Beware, these are much pricier than heated electric bedding!

These solutions allow you to adjust the perfect temperature within one degree. This is very different from electric bedding where finding the perfect heat setting takes a bit of practice.

Both the BedJet and ChiliPAD cool as well as heat. This is a big advantage during the hot summer months, and in part, justifies their high price.

Temperature ranges

The ChiliPAD is much better at reaching a cool temperature. If you don’t have air conditioning, it will still cool you, all the way down to 55º F!

However, the BedJet REQUIRES air conditioning for proper cooling. Indeed, it works by pulling ambient cool air from your bedroom floor.

However, as an air-based system, the BedJet can remove body sweat, effectively reducing the humidity under the covers. This has an added cooling effect, even in winter.

The older BedJet 2.0 had a temperature range with a minimum of 72º F, which didn’t sound particularly impressive on paper. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the BedJet 3.0 can now hit temperatures as low as 66º F.

However, keep in mind, to achieve 66º F, the ambient temperature of your bedroom needs to be this low.

(I find it a bit ironic, that considering the price of the ChiliPAD if you can afford it, you can also afford to live in a home with AC.)

As water-based systems, the ChiliPAD and Ooler will take some time to reach your chosen temperature—as long as 30 minutes. In contrast, the BedJet will reach your desired temperature in only a few minutes or less.

This difference could be key if you need to change the temperature on the fly. Speaking as a woman of a particular age, this feature can be very useful if you find yourself temporarily over-heating due to hot flushes.

The competitors for the BedJet and the ChiliPAD are for the most part less expensive (sometimes by a significant amount), but usually heat only, or cool only, but not both. Also, programmable features may or may not be available.

Advanced controls

Unfortunately, the ChiliPAD doesn’t have any advanced programming. Turn it on and set your temperature. Change that temperature via the remote or phone app. That’s it.

Recently, the makers of the ChiliPAD, have released a more advanced model called the OOLER. This model is fully programmable via the phone app. (However, it doesn’t have a regular remote.)

The BedJet 3.0 has a modern remote (like the one that runs your home theater). (The programmable phone app is coming in 2020.)

I’m holding out for Alexa and Google Voice functionality which should be coming soon. (According to BedJet, Alexa integration is targeted for spring of 2020.)

Likewise, an App for the Apple or a Google-enabled watch would also be nice. (But isn’t planned.)

If I wake up in the middle of the night and need instant temperature relief, I don’t want to fumble around for a remote or my phone. (Which my cats will have knocked onto the floor…)

Advanced programming

Both the OOLER and the BedJet 3.0 have the following programming:

  • Set a timer to pre-heat or pre-cool the bed
  • Set a sleep schedule with adjustable temperatures throughout the night
  • Use the “warm awake” feature like an alarm clock

In addition, the BedJet has a proprietary “Biorhythm Technology” where you can program a unique temperature profile throughout the night. Design a profile to gradually reduce the temperature, roughly following the reduction in core temperature that we all go through as we sleep.

Will this adjustment help you sleep better? You’ll need to decide for yourself.

Boxy controllers, hoses, and add-ons

All three models have a controller that’s around 10 lbs in weight and around 6 inches tall. It may fit under your bed if it’s high enough. This controller either blows air or pumps water.

If bedroom aesthetics are important to you, note that the BedJet also has a large hose from the controller to the foot of your bed.

With the BedJet you can also separately purchase the cotton BedJet “Cloud Sheet”. This sheet is like a giant closed bag that holds the air. This allows the air to circulate around you more efficiently. It also works best for couples, by restricting the correct temperature air to the correct side.

(It would be nice if the Cloud Sheet was made from a proper moisture-wicking fabric, such as lyocell or bamboo, rather than cotton. However, if you have a sewing machine you should be able to DIY your own easily.)

Also, does the Cloud Sheet work with a weighted blanket? I contacted BedJet: they have not tested weighted blankets but indicate that many customers use the BedJet with a weighted blanket without issue.

(This might be an interesting idea to test in the warmer months. Using a weighted blanket for its comforting weight, while counteracting the blanket’s usual heat-insulating properties…)

All these products are available with either a single- or dual-controllers for one or two sleepers, respectively.

Because the ChiliPAD and OOLER are mattress pads, a single control (“ME”) is only available on smaller pads, such as a half queen or full. However, the smaller pads will fit on larger mattresses, using the included straps, but obviously coverage will be limited.

For couples where only one person wishes to use the system, a half-queen- or half-king-size can be purchased and placed on one side of a queen or king mattress.

 [turn your phone sideways for better viewing]

BedJet 3.0 ChiliPad OOLER
How it works Forced air under the covers Mattress pad with microtubes of water Mattress pad with microtubes of water
Ambient noise? Fan noise, adjustable Pump noise Pump noise, adjustable
Programmable timers and temperature profiles yes no yes
Substitute for AC? no yes yes
Temperature range 66º F – 104º F* 55º F – 115º F 55º F – 115º F
Time to temperature ~1-3 minutes ~30 minutes ~30 minutes
Removes moisture? yes no no
Removes bad smells? yes no no
Additional purchase? Cloud sheet (optional) cleaning solution no
Full coverage for single sleeper on large mattress? yes no no
Use with memory foam mattress? yes no no
Self-cleaning? NA no yes
Machine washable NA yes yes
Price $$ $$$$ $$$$$

Temperature range = the range of temperatures these devices can generate. *The BedJet requires a room temp of 66º F to deliver that temp to your bed.


Note that both the ChiliPAD and OOLER pad are machine washable.

  • The ChiliPAD controller, however, does need to be emptied, cleaned, and re-filled every 1-3 months to remove possibly moldy water. (Ick.) A special ChiliPAD system cleaning solution needs to be purchased separately. Distilled water is recommended.

The newer OOLER controller has a UV light and an automatic self-cleaning feature.

The BedJet controller is a fan and has a washable air filter for dust (and cat fur). This filter can be popped out and washed under the sink.

Climate systems and memory foam mattresses

One of the biggest complaints of memory foam is that it is just too dang hot!

If this is you, you are probably seriously considering one of these cooling systems.

However, keep in mind that a heated—or cooled—mattress pad is not recommended. Memory foam works by using your body heat to soften the foam and envelop you.

If you warm it too much, it will be too soft and not give you support. If you cool it too much it will be too hard.

Therefore, cooled mattress pads are out. You’ll need to use a fan-based system.

Other scented benefits (not mentioned in the promo material)

If you, or your partner, are prone to…gas, then the BedJet can effectively clear out bad smells (according to BedJet).

However, the internet notes that these smells can be directed towards your own or your partners face before being cleared out… The so-called “Dutch Oven”.

Sealing the sheet around your neck and then opening your blankets to the side—away from your partner—is the polite way to manage the issue.

In addition, the BedJet also comes with an aromatherapy diffuser kit. Add in a sleep-inducing scent, such as lavender or bergamot, and you’re off to dreamland…

(WARNING: do not use essential oils if you share your bedroom with your furry friends. Dogs, and especially cats, lack the enzymes required to break down these chemicals. They can be highly toxic.)

A final word on the value

Yes, these solutions are pricey. However, if you’re like me you’ve probably spent a small fortune on cooling sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters, and mattress pads. Then another small fortune on a set for winter.

(And that was BEFORE I became an internet reviewer.)

In hindsight, one of these climate-based systems could’ve saved me a small fortune upfront.

Water-based climate systems

  • Chili Technology ChiliPAD Cube 3.0. “ME” models have single controllers for single sleepers, and “WE” models have dual controllers for couples. “ME” sizes include half queen, half king, half Cal king, and full. “WE” sizes include queen, king, and Cal king.

  • OOLER Sleep System. “ME” models have single controllers for single sleepers, and “WE” models have dual controllers for couples. “ME” sizes include half queen, half king, half Cal king, and full. “WE” sizes include queen, king, and Cal king.

IMPORTANT: FAST shipping with Amazon Prime, but only a 30-day return policy. Order direct to receive the 90-day “sleep trial”, however, return shipping and & handling charges will apply.

Air-based climate systems

Note, Amazon has only a 30-day return policy.

Order direct from BedJet to receive the 60-day “no sweat guarantee”. No shipping costs on orders over $50. No shipping charge on returns, as long as all parts are received.

Disclaimer: writing this allowed me to conduct my own due diligence before making a purchase. I’ve since purchased the BedJet… 

See my full review HERE

Although I purchased the BedJet with my own funds, I have since become an affiliate.

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