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IKEA Bedding | $2 Pillows, Plus Linen, Lyocell, and Air-purifying Curtains

I was surprised too, but IKEA has some hidden treasures in the bedding department, including down, lyocell, and linen.

Luxuriating Under Silk Bedding | Is it Worth the Extra Expense?

Not only is silk a smooth, lustrous fabric, it retains little heat and wicks moisture away from you, keeping you cool and dry. Its smooth texture has an added benefit for skin and hair.

Are You Doing It Wrong? Correct Ceiling Fan Direction for Cooling

Save on your electric bill by supplementing air conditioning with ceiling fans. Choose the right size fan for your space, and use it correctly for optimal cooling.

Linen Bedding | Is it Worth the Extra Expense?

Purchasing linen is an investment, balancing cost with benefits including cooling, moisture-control, antimicrobial properties, and durability.

All You Need to Know in One Infographic: How to Choose Bedding

Depending on your budget and the quality of your sleep, choose the best bedding value for you

Lyocell. The Coolest Natural Fabric for Wear or Sleep

Lyocell is a natural fiber derived from wood pulp. It is far superior to cotton with its ability to absorb moisture, keeping you cool and dry. Likewise, it’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

What is the Best Material for Sheets to Keep You Cool? It’s NOT cotton.

Cooling fabrics breathe and wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin. Many natural and new synthetics fit the bill

Too Hot? Try Sleeping Like an Egyptian (and other cooling ideas)

Sleep under a damp sheet or towel. As the dampness evaporates, you keep cool. Plus other cooling ideas.

Use Your Whole House Fan to Keep Cool all Night

In the evening when the outside temperature drops, use your whole house fan to naturally cool your home with fresh air

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